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Current Radical Propositions

Foreword 3  

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that the first issue of the “The Reader’s Design Magazine, #1, The Triumph of Design” is about to be published.
It will include submissions of all four online issues.

Please keep checking this website for further details.

Thank you!

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Foreword 3

Ethel Leon
Jovens Objectos Velhos

Marisa Maass
A Poesia no Cotidiano: Leitura do Utensílio como Obra de Arte

Eduardo Côrte-Real
Desenhar para Perceber: Uma Pedagogia da Perspicácia no Desenho de Observação

Mauro Pinheiro
Autoria e Comunicação no Design

Keith Russel
Concepts of Art and Design: Tensions between Domains

Michael Ostwald and Michael Chapman
Psychic Automatism and Nonlinear Dynamics: Surrealism and Science in the Architecture of Coop Himmelblau

Leon Cruickshank
The Case for a Re-Evaluation of Deconstruction and Design: Against Derrida, Eisenman and their Choral Works